Handmade 'Lanyard Knot' Bead for Paracord or Leather Lanyards - Brass

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Metal & Finish

A handmade bead designed to perfectly integrate with a typical lanyard knot ...

Main Features:

  • Handmade bead for lanyards (not supplied with lanyard as standard).
  • Nice addition to your everyday carry (EDC).
  • Unique design integrates with a typical lanyard knot by means of a hollowed base.
  • Standard 6mm internal diameter hole will accept doubled 550 paracord.
  • Made from solid brass that will develop a unique patina over time (see last pic showing bead after two months use).
  • Manually machined on a lathe and hand finished (No CNC).
  • Ergonomic size and proportions provide a comfortable grip.
  • Edges and corners are chamfered, rounded and/or polished to ensure there are no sharp edges that might snag on clothing or equipment.
  • Handmade in England by Fenner.
NOTE: This is for the lanyard bead only and is not supplied with leather cord.


      Wanting a special bead to use with a lanyard on my KeyBar I designed one from the ground up - the result is a highly ergonomic bead that integrates with a typical lanyard knot by means of a hollowed base - with the bead sitting over the top of the lanyard knot the bead is not an addition to the lanyard but rather part of it. The dimensions and proportions of this bead have been selected to be the most comfortable and ergonomic whilst retaining a compact form and a nice weight. This is an unusual bead that will add some serious style and functionality to a simple paracord or leather lanyard.

      Product Dimensions & Compatibility:

      Lanyard bead dimensions (approx.): 20.5mm (h) x 14mm (dia. at widest point)

      Hole: 6mm internal diameter to accommodate paracord or leather cord.

      NOTE: Due to the handmade nature of these beads the exact dimensions may vary very slightly, within tolerances, between pieces.

      Product Variants:

      This product is available made from the following metals:

      • Brass (Polished finish)
      • Brass (Brushed finish)

      This product is available in the following designs:

      • Concave with stepped top
      • Concave with chamfered top


        Product Photography: Unless otherwise stated pictured accessories are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included in the sale. Products may have been photographed in varying lighting conditions such as daylight or under studio lighting therefore the exact colour or tone may appear slightly different under different lighting conditions.