Belt Size Guide

Your belt size is not the same as your actual waist measurement or jeans size because the belt must fit around both your waist and your clothing.

Fenner Benedict belts are usually sold in a range of size options and in accordance with tradition these are given in imperial inches. For example a typical mens belt may have the following size options: 30" / 32" / 34" / 36" / 38" / 40" / 42" / 44" - these are effectively the internal circumference of the belt when secured on the middle adjustment hole.

Determining the correct size belt to order can be achieved in a couple of ways as follows:

Method 1 - Using an existing belt

If you have a current belt that fits nicely then you can use this to determine the size of belt you need. Lay your current belt out flat on a table and using a tape measure or long ruler take the measurement of the distance from the point at which the leather folds around the buckle pivot to the centre of the adjustment hole that you normally use.

This gives a good indication of the size belt you need so choose the size that closely matches that. If your current belt is made from quite thin leather you should add an inch to this measurement when selecting a belt made from especially thick leather such as bridle leather.

Method 2 - Using your waist measurement or jeans size

As a general rule, the belt you need will be about 1" to 2" larger than your actual waist measurement or your correct trouser/jeans size. Because jeans are made from relatively thick denim adding 2" is best as you always have the option to tighten or loosen the belt within the range of the adjustment holes provided and therefore the belt can be worn with trousers made from thinner materials.

So for example if you wear 34" jeans, you will likely need a 36" belt.

When taking a waist measurement, please measure at the position where you normally wear your belt.


I would recommend using both of the methods detailed above to find the belt size you need - if both methods point to the same size belt (within half an inch or so) then you can be fairly certain you're buying the right one!

If you are at all unsure of the correct size to order please contact me and I will be happy to advise.