If you can't find the answer to your own question or require clarification on anything then please do contact me.

Q: Do you have all products in stock?

A: It is impossible to have every product in every size and colour combination in stock. If you are looking to purchase an item that is showing 'SOLD OUT' in place of the add to cart button or if you require an order more urgently or for a specific deadline please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your requirements - I am always happy to advise on estimated lead times for made-to-order goods.

Q: How do I order bespoke products?

A: Please see the Bespoke goods page.

Q: I am interested in one of your products but would like a design feature changed - can you do this for me?

A: I am happy to quote for making a product with design alterations. All modifications to existing designs will incur additional charges to cover the extra time taken and any extra materials used. Any product with any changes made to design, finish or colour combination (i.e. any change that makes it different to the 'standard' product) will be classed as 'bespoke' and therefore in accordance with the Refund Policy will not be eligible for returns or refunds.

Enquiries about design modifications or customisation should be made prior to placing an order via the website.

Q: I have my own design for a leather product - can you make it for me?

A: In the past I have made bespoke leather products from customers ideas or design sketches working with the customer to produce an appropriate final design drawing and specification.

As a sole trader I have limited capacity for bespoke work due to the large amount of time that bespoke projects demand. I am however always happy to discuss your ideas so please forward the details to me and I will get back to you and let you know if it's something I can help with and the likely costs involved.

Q: Where can I view your products in person?

A: I do not currently have any of my products in shops or stores and it is not practical or possible to accept visitors to my studio for product viewing. I try to convey the quality and character of my products as best as I can using photographs and detailed descriptions on this website. If you have any specific questions about a particular product or wish to see a photo of a different aspect or feature then please email me and I will do my very best to help.

Customers often tell me that my goods are "even better in person" - take a look at the testimonials page to see what customers think about my work.

Q: Why are your products for sale at different prices on different websites?

A: The pricing of Fenner Benedict goods may differ between e-commerce sites due to selling fees on certain online marketplaces. Buying directly from me or via this website ensures you get the best prices.

Q: How long does it take you to handcraft a leather product?

A: It depends on the product. My products are crafted entirely by hand which is a very time-consuming process; it is also what gives my products unique personality.

All leather components are cut by hand and all sewing is by hand also. A small notebook cover may take a few hours in total to craft whereas a more complex product could take several days - Its not quick but it does result in beautiful and durable leather goods!

Q: Can you supply my retail company with your products in bulk for resale?

A: No.

Q: The leather product I've received has some marks on it - is it faulty?

A: No. As a handmade (in every sense of the word) product, it is likely that some tooling marks may still be visible from the crafting process. Additionally, the leather I use very often contains marks and scars from the animal's life which I do not try to hide. Handcrafted products are subject to inevitable variations in colour and finish as each one is finished individually and no two pieces of leather will ever take dye, oil or any type of finish in exactly the same way - if you are seeking a 'flawless' finish then a traditionally handcrafted product made from natural materials is probably not for you.

Q: My order has arrived but its not what I was expecting - can I return it for a refund?

A: If you are not totally happy with your purchase from me then of course I will accept a return of an unused product provided that it is not a bespoke or personalised item (please see the details on the Refund Policy page for details of my return and refund policy) - I will always do everything I can to ensure that you receive an excellent level of service.

Q: Will the colour from your leather products transfer?

A: Any genuinely hand-finished product cannot possibly be guaranteed to be 100% colourfast ... most leatherworkers just choose not to mention this fact.

I do everything I can to ensure that with normal use your leather product will not transfer any dye or oil onto clothing or surfaces - however when brand new it is possible that your leather goods may have some residue dye or oil which could transfer. The leathers finish will continue to dry for several weeks after it has been crafted.

It is important that leather products are not used or stored in wet or damp conditions as this may result in the migration of finish (dye or oil) to other surfaces. Further information can be found on the Leather Care page on this website.