Wristband & Bracelet Size Guide

To ensure that you select the correct size wristband when ordering please follow these simple instructions for measuring your wrist size.

Some Fenner Benedict wristbands are available in a range of single sizes while others are adjustable and available to fit a pre-determined size range. The following guide will help you choose the correct size or in the case of adjustable wristbands, ensure that your size is accommodated.

Using a tailors tape measure, wrap the tape around the wrist on which you intend to wear the bracelet. Measure with the tape around the wrist bone. For 'cuff' type bracelets wider than 25mm please measure at the thickest part of the wrist / lower arm where the bracelet will sit ...

Alternatively you may download and print the wrist sizer to determine your own wrist size ...

Choosing the size of wristband that's best for you

All Fenner Benedict wristbands that are available in a range of single size options are made with an internal circumference of that actual size therefore as a general rule of thumb, please select the size that is the closest to your actual wrist measurement by always rounding up - this will ensure that the wristband will be a comfortable fit ...

Example 1: Wrist circumference measures 16.5cm therefore select the 17cm wristband size.
Example 2: Wrist circumference measures 18.2cm therefore select the 19cm wristband size.

As always, if you require advice about selecting the best size wristband for your own wrist measurement then please contact me and I will be happy to advise.