Laser Engraving Service

*** To order a laser engraved product please contact me ***

Using advanced CNC laser engraving equipment, I can add text and graphics to many of my leather products. Whether it’s a simple monogram, a quote, corporate branding, a drawing, graphic, artwork or even a personal message in your own handwriting - almost anything is possible!

The main types of laser engraving I can offer are; 

Text-based Monograms / Names / Quotes / Messages

Simple text-based monograms are an effective way to personalise a leather item - perfect for a special and unique gift. I can monogram with virtually any typeface and can include special characters and symbols as required. A one-line text-based monogram such as initials or a person’s name is priced at a flat rate of £12 with font options and sizes selected from the following list and provided that the monogram is below 50mm x 20mm in size. Any monogram using a typeface outside of this list will be charged at £16.

Laser engraving text monogram font styles

Punctuation between characters for initial monograms in the form of dots (baseline or middle) can also be included.

For larger monograms or longer text such as a message or quote price is on an individual basis by quotation - please contact me with details of your requirements for a quote.

Corporate Branding & Graphics / Artwork*

If you have designed your own monogram, have a company logo or a graphic, drawing or artwork you wish to be added to a leather project I am happy to provide a quote for this – I can accept most file formats including JPEG, PDF and Vector files and I can engrave up to a maximum size of 250x400mm. If you want to be completely sure of the final appearance of the engraving when on the leather, then for a fee I can provide a section of the engraving on a leather sample of the type to be used for the final product.

Pricing for all bespoke branding / graphic / artwork engraving is on an individual basis by quotation.

I can also offer a full monogram or graphic design service.

Handwritten Messages

For the ultimate personal gift I can convert your own handwritten message into a digital image suitable for engraving onto a leather product - please contact me for further information.

Digital Layout Proof

In all cases, I will provide a digital layout proof in the form of an emailed PDF file for approval before I commence work on the leather goods. This digital layout proof ensures that you are happy with the artwork layout, location and scale but it should be noted that every different type of leather will take a laser engraving slightly differently and therefore this digital proof should be viewed as a guide to layout only - it is not a replacement for an engraving sample. In the case of anything more complex than a simple text-based monogram, the quoted engraving fee will be payable prior to a digital proof being provided.

* Copyright Ownership: If a graphic or artwork provided for engraving contains a brand name, logo or other artwork that is subject to copyright I will require evidence that you are the legal copyright owner for the brand or artwork or that you have the appropriate written permission from the legal copyright owner for the proposed use.


- The laser engraving process burns the design into the surface of the leather and therefore a mild burnt smell is likely to remain present on the leather for a little time after engraving – rest assured this does disappear after a short while leaving only the leather's natural fragrance.

- Laser engraving is only possible on items produced on a made-to-order basis. The service is limited to Fenner Benedict branded items only and I am unable to engrave items made by other craftspeople.


In accordance with the Returns & Refunds Policy, personalised goods are bespoke and are therefore not eligible for returns or refunds. 

If you wish to order a personalised leather product and/or would like advice on the most suitable style/size of text or monogram for a specific product please contact me and I will be happy to assist.