Arbor press adaptor 10mm drilled ram to 1/4" UNC threaded 'universal press' hole punches and setting dies

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A manually machined brass Arbor press adaptor for use with 1/4" UNC threaded hole punches and setting dies ...

Main Features:

  • Arbor press adaptor allows punches and setting dies with a 1/4" UNC thread to be used with a professional arbor press with a drilled ram (10mm diameter).
  • Compatible with most 0.5-tonne and 1-tonne arbor presses provided that the ram has a 10mm diameter drilled hole.
  • 1/4" UNC threaded hole punches and setting dies are easy to find and purchase online and are perfect for use in leatherworking applications.
  • Manually machined from solid brass stock.
  • Brushed finish.
  • Handmade in England by Fenner.
NOTE: The pictured hole punches and arbor press are for illustration and are NOT included in the sale.


      With an abundance of 1/4" UNC threaded hole punches and setting dies available for relatively low cost online, these make great tools for use in leatherwork applications however they require the use of a specific leatherwork 'universal press' which can be of low quality and have limited applications outside of leatherwork. I have designed this adaptor to allow the use of these hole punches and setters with a professional quality heavy-duty arbor press. If you have any questions about compatibility please contact me and I will be happy to assist.

      Product Dimensions & Compatibility:

      Made to fit 0.5-tonne or 1-tonne arbor press provided that the ram has a 10mm diameter hole with a grub screw.

      The 1/4" UNC (Unified National Coarse) thread measures 6.35mm in major diameter. This is a popular thread for use in universal hand press machines made for leatherwork. Such hole punches and setting dies are available widely online including eBay and are usually described as being compatible with 'Universal (Blue) Hand Press Machine'.

      Two-part setting tools will require the use of a suitable base to hold the lower setting die.

      If you are at all unsure about the thread standard or the compatible press tools please contact me.

      Dimensions (all stated sizes are approximate): Overall Height: 29mm / Width (at widest point): 19mm.


      Available Colours / Finishes:

      This product is available made from the following metals:

      • Brass


      Product Photography: Unless otherwise stated pictured accessories are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included in the sale. Products may have been photographed in varying lighting conditions such as daylight or under studio lighting therefore the exact colour or tone may appear slightly different under different lighting conditions.