Handmade Brass End Cap Tubes for 550 Paracord - 4.5mm dia. x 8mm - Polished Brass (PAIR)

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Handmade solid brass end cap tubes for 550 paracord projects ...

Main Features:

  • SOLD AS A PAIR; two end cap tubes are supplied per unit ordered.
  • These brass end cap tubes will require epoxy adhesive (not included) for installation - method instructions are provided below.
  • Handmade brass end cap tubes to finish the cut ends of paracord lanyards.
  • A classy addition to your everyday carry (EDC) paracord lanyards.
  • The 3.5mm internal diameter of the tube will accept one cord of standard 550 paracord.
  • Made from solid brass with a polished finish that will naturally patina over time.
  • Machined on a lathe and hand-finished.
  • Ends are lightly chamfered and polished to remove any sharp edges.
  • Handmade in England by Fenner.

NOTE: The paracord ends are not supplied with paracord lanyard or pictured beads. Due to the handmade nature of the product, the finish and exact dimensions may vary between pieces.


      These handmade brass end cap tubes provide a professional aesthetic to paracord projects. Sized to perfectly fit over standard 550 paracord these brass end cap tubes are ideally suited to finishing paracord lanyards.

      Product Dimensions & Compatibility:

      Paracord end cap dimensions: 4.5mm (external dia.) x 8mm (long).

      The inside diameter of the tube is 3.5mm to accommodate a standard paracord.

      The fitting of these brass end cap tubes will require some knowledge of working with paracord projects and will require additional supplies and equipment.

      Installation method:
      There is likely more than one way to install these but I have found a method that consistently works as follows;

      1. Leave the trailing ends of the paracord lanyard long by at least 5cm more than the required finished length.
      2. Wrap some thin plastic tape around the paracord near the end and cut through with a sharp knife or scissors - this will prevent the paracord from fraying without increasing the diameter as melting would.
      3. Twist the newly cut end slightly to reduce its diameter and slide on the brass paracord end tubes pushing them up to the knot.
      4. Lightly mark on the paracord with a pen the required finished length.
      5. Mix a small amount of a quality two-part clear epoxy and apply around the paracord above the mark but no further than 6-7mm to prevent the epoxy glue from showing above the brass end caps.
      6. Slide the end cap tubes down, twisting them slightly as they meet the epoxy glue, until they reach the final length mark on the paracord.
      7. Quickly wipe away any residue epoxy using an isopropyl alcohol wipe and set aside the lanyard to cure for at least 24 hours.
      8. Using a sharp knife or a scalpel, trim the paracord level with the ends of the brass end cap tubes.
      9. With a lighter, very gently melt the end of the paracord to seal the end - be careful not to heat the brass end cap tubes as this may cause the epoxy bond to fail.
      10. If required, polish the brass end caps with a dry jewellery polishing cloth.

      Available Colours / Finishes:

      This product is available in;

      • Polished Brass


      Product Photography: Unless otherwise stated pictured accessories are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included in the sale. Products may have been photographed in varying lighting conditions such as daylight or under studio lighting therefore the exact colour or tone may appear slightly different under different lighting conditions.