Japanese Small Brass Shackle for Keys / Wallet Chains - Solid Raw Brass - Set of 2 (Pair)

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These solid brass shackles from Japan are a great everyday carry accessory for organising your keychain or for use in leathercraft projects...

Main Features:

  • Pair of shackles supplied per unit ordered.
  • Perfect for organising keys and other keyring attachments.
  • Ideal for using to join wallet chains or other everyday carry pocket tools and accessories.
  • The shackles are ideal for organising keys for attachment to a split ring or chain and will each hold 1 to 3 standard size barrel lock door keys (as pictured) or 1 to 2 lever lock style keys.
  • Each shackle will accommodate one key fitted with a Fenner Benedict leather key cover due to the extra thickness added by the cover.
  • High-quality brassware imported direct from Japan.
  • Quality brass will develop a natural and unique patina over time.

    NOTE: The pictured keys, twisted o-ring, chain or hook are NOT supplied with the sale of the shackles.


      These high-quality solid brass small size shackles are imported direct from Japan - home of perhaps the best brass hardware makers in the world. Perfect for organising your everyday carry keys and keychain accessories the solid cast brass will age beautifully developing a natural protective patina over time and will compliment any leather belt loops or key fobs perfectly.

      Product Dimensions & Compatibility:

      Solid brass medium size shackle dimensions (all sizes are approximate):
      External dimensions at widest points (excluding pin) 14mm (w) x 23mm (h) x 7mm (t). Screw-in pin total length: 22mm. Pin diameter: 4mm. Capacity: (shackle opening width): 6mm.

      I recommended that if extra security is required the screw pin of the shackle be fixed with a thread-locking adhesive. To prevent damage to the precision thread, the screw pins should not be overtightened.

      Available Colours / Finishes:

      This product is available in the following finish:

      • Raw brass


      Product Photography: Unless otherwise stated pictured accessories are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included in the sale. Products may have been photographed in varying lighting conditions such as daylight or under studio lighting therefore the exact colour or tone may appear slightly different under different lighting conditions.